New and free for site visitors!We are proud to announce the release of yet another FREE tool for our site visitors, the Free Cashback Toolbar.

The brand new Toolbar will keep you updated with the latest voucher codes and cashback deals. You can Google Search, watch television, listen to radio stations from around UK, and also get notified when new emails arrive to your inboxes. It includes a pop-up blocker, local weather, the news, games, related links, and much much more. This all happens within the toolbar!

Stay connected, have fun, and save money. Quite simply, this is the most sophisticated and feature-rich toolbar on the market.

It is absolutely free and has no viruses, pop-ups or spyware. The toolbar doesn’t just work in the UK: it works anywhere in the world. And you can use it with Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari. Click here to download this time and money saving gizmo.

Free New Toolbar – Latest Voucher Codes, Local Weather, TV, Radio, Facebook, Emails
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